Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Greetings at the Park

It is such a nice thing to be greeted by the cats at the park in the morning.  I thought you might like to see a picture of what it looks like for me.  It makes me feel really good.  I couldn't get everyone in this shot, because they were too spread out, but here is a sampling.

You can see that Moonpie's genes have prevailed - Greyboy can hardly be seen but he is sitting on the stone water well

Here we are on our way.  It's a jolly trek.  Baby talks the loudest at this time.

From back to front, Petey, Moonpie, and Baby.  Baby has been meeting me at the top of the park since her emergency.

And here we make our trek down to the lower level. 

That's Strike on the steps.  She comes down to the table now, too.
It's not a bad way to wake up.  :)

Catching up with Starlight and Her Kittens

Well, they are growing up like kittens do. They all have their distinct personalities which they have had from the start. 
Each one has a completely different outlook on life

They have taken to sleeping on this cat play station.  I think they like being high up.  Everybody piles in.

Make room for me!

We think this one is a girl, but we are not sure.

Like a miniature Starlight
 Sometimes they pair off for sleep and play.

The one on the right is the smallest one.

They are eating kitten kibble now but still nurse occasionally.

It's about the sweetest thing you ever saw. 

Starlight is doing well, too.  I love to watch her play with them.  She is super patient as they play with her tail and legs and climb all over her.

Super patient mom, Starlight

If you would like to adopt one of Starlight's beautiful kittens, please see our contact page.

Was I Dreaming?

OK, a lot has been going on.  Friday night I was crashed on the floor of the master bedroom with Starlight and her kittens when Nik got home.  He  gently woke me up to find out if Muji, our dog, needed to go out, and then casually mentioned that Arsenoe was in the guest bedroom.  I was like, "OK."  But I was still half asleep.  A couple of minutes later I was fully awake and thinking, "Wait, what?!  You mean there are twenty cats in the house now?"  but Nik was long gone.  So I peeled myself off the floor and started to freak out when suddenly a calm came over me and I realized, "Of course Arsenoe is here.  Where else should she be?"

And that is the way I have felt ever since since this beautiful creature came into our home.  That was the first time I met Arsenoe and she was everything Nik, George and Christina said she was.  I went in to meet her that night.  I coaxed her out from under the bed, and she gently nibbled on my fingers, and I have loved her ever since. 

PS  Arsenoe is doing well.  She is walking better, but mostly resting, still on meds, and she is in good spirits.  She has met about 4 cats so far and she handled it quite well,...uh, better than they did. But mostly she has the room to herself.  She is a very tidy cat.  We have never had a new cat come in off the streets who was so tidy in her ways.  (For those of you who haven't followed the story, Arsenoe was hit by a car when Nik found her on the shoulder of the seafront road.  She was pregnant with a litter of 7 kittens at the time.)

Arsenoe loves this little house

 Arsenoe met Charity - that went well

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After Breakfast Shenanigans at the Park

 "So what do the cats do after you feed them?" you ask. 

Well, they play Table Tennis:


and a game called Trading Places:

And, "Let's Pull Down the Towels" - they play that at our house, too:

And sometimes a game of volleyball is in order:

They are a good fun.  :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gunther Gets on Top of Things

Remember how we told you Gunther likes to get on the table at the park?

That's Gunther, on top


(This one I had a little fun with)
Gunther, Thank you. You rock.  We love you. 

Stay safe. God Bless,

Nik and Anita

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Pictures from the Day after Arsinoe's Operation

Why we love our vets George and Christina:

George hand feeding Arsinoe post op

"Pretty good stuff, George.  Thanks."


Oh dear, how cute is she???  Right?  I mean adorable!!

Here's a link to the previous post on Arsinoe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trapping Sundance and a Cat in a Bag, Human Trafficking in Cyprus?

We hadn't planned on trapping Sunday night, simply because with Arsenoe's emergency last week, and Starlight's kittens coming out of the cupboard and starting to equal cats, and an untotalled number of unforeseen disappointments over the weekend, we were exhausted, possibly emotionally more than physically, which was a lot. 

You can make plans in Cyprus, but whether the other parties involved will honor their commitments, only God knows.

Not everyone in Cyprus is like this.  But I would say most people here are like this.  And it is not just Cypriots, no;  it is a disease seeming to spread like wildfire among the expats as well. 

Sunday night, at our house, Sundance, a rare visitor, showed up for a late dinner.  Nik having been dissappointed in his plans so many times over the weekend, was very motivated to accomplish something toward our goals.  So when he spotted Sundance, he got the trap ready without hesitation.  I went inside.

NIk readied the trap for a rare visitor, Sundance

It was about 15 minutes later that I heard the characteristic scramblings of a trapped cat.

Sundance after trapping

When I went downstairs and outside, Nik was gently securing the door of the shed, where Sundance was safely tucked away to spend the night.

Sundance stayed over

Then Nik went inside. I cannot remember what chore I was involved in when a desperate and tired looking young man on foot stopped at our front gate.  He asked for help and told me his story.

He was brought here from another country (I won't name), along with 24 others to work.  After two months he and the others had never been paid.  They were fed tea and biscuits twice a day.  When they began to complain and threatened to go to the police, their manager laughed and told them to go ahead, that the police would do nothing.  So they all left and went their own ways.  He had walked all the way from Paphos.  He slept in parks, picked fruit off trees, and asked for odd jobs for food and cash along the way, washing cars, light gardening, etc.  He said he had 40 cents in his pocket, his foot was infected.  He had been to the police, called on his own embassy, the Cypriot embassy, and no one would help him.

We got him some antiseptic and bandages for his foot and we watched as he dressed it.  We got him something to eat and something warmer to wear.  We gave him the phone so he could call his mom. Meanwhile we called everyone we could think of for help.

Eventually, we scraped up enough resources to put him on a plane to his father who had work in yet another country (I won't name), and Nik took him to the airport.

About two years ago I was on YouTube and one video led me to another and somehow I ended up in the subject of human trafficking.  I was surprised later to learn how common it is in Cyprus.  Nik told me what he knew about it.

One of the videos I watched I can never forget, because the verbiage was so alarming and distasteful.  It was undercover footage and audio of a woman selling a human being to a third party.

As the woman was angling for a higher price, this is what they caught her on hidden camera as saying: "I am handing you a cat in a bag." 

A cat in a bag.  That is what I can never forget.

I don't know if technically this young man was human trafficked or not, because he still had his passport, and I don't know anything about the legal definition.  And we can't even say whether his story was true, but we couldn't take a chance that it wasn't. What we do know is he was in really bad shape, and Cyprus wasn't doing him any favors. 

Christina, our vet, thought Sundance was a very fine specimen of a cat.  She said he was in great condition.  She also said he was one of the most feral cats they have altered. 

Christina brings out Sundance for his trip back to Larnaca
We think he's handsome, too  :)
Sundance just before his release

When we released Sundance Monday night, he did not stop to eat, pass go, or collect $200.00.  We will keep our eyes out for him.  Please join us in wishing him a long, safe happy life and lots of love.  You are always welcome at our house, Sundance.  Godspeed.

3 Videos That Will Make You Think - Sweet Moonpie! Who Knew?

This first video was shared by another artist on my artist's website in the discussion area:

That video led me to this one:

And then this morning I took this video of Moonpie, who we had always assumed was feral, but guess what?

Earlier this week I found Blabby eating next to Moonpie.  And this morning, before I could get Blabby's plate down, I found him sharing Moonpie's breakfast with him. 

Moonpie and Blabby eating next to each other, wow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Emergency - Update 5 - Complications for Arsinoe

Arsinoe had a major setback yesterday.  She started to miscarry and so George and Christina performed an emergency operation to remove her kittens.   During the surgery, they  found a very threatening infection.  (They originally thought there was no infection, because she showed none of the  usual signs of one.) They now know fluid had been leaking into her abdomen, which is very serious. 

Arsenoe in serious condition after her emergency operation

She was pregnant with a litter of 7 kittens.

Christina, our vet, giving Arsenoe the love and affection she needs after her surgery

Arsinoe is eating, so that is good, very rich food which she needs, and she has a drip.  She is also getting an antibiotic for the infection.  She is in very serious condition.  We know you have come to care about her as much as we have.  Please, she needs your loving thoughts and prayers more than ever.  Thank you.

More pictures from the day after Arsinoe's operation.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Why, it's Cobbles.

Cobbles Who?

Cobbles, Who showed up yesterday for lunch without a reservation.

Cobbles, "But I phoned."

And again this morning, hissing and demanding breakfast!

"Table for two?"

Wow!  We haven't seen her since last weekend, though we suspect she could be coming in the wee hours of the night for kibble.  We hope so.  On weekends, however, it does appear she prefers to dine with company.

Well, we are happy to keep her company, even with all her hissing and spitting and spoon biting which we have come to think of as "cute".

And look.  Her eye looks a lot better, compare:

When we first saw she had an eye infection, the beginning of May

When we released her after spaying, about 2 weeks ago

And yesterday

It looks much better, doesn't it?  Dr. George from Larnaca said it could get better on its own, so it appears that is what is happening.  It was great to see her, and great to see her eye looking better.

Cobbles, you don't need a reservation, you are always welcome.