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I assist feral and homeless cats in my village in Cyprus.  I am currently daily feeding  40-60  over 100 200 cats that I know of. And new ones show up every week.  I have so far have altered 30   36 43 55 61 65 69 76 79 82  87  90 116  126 140   160 165 cats since Feb. 2011. With your help I could alter many more.  For your 45 Euro donation I can spay a female, for your 25 Euro donation I can neuter a male. 

Feeding homeless and feral cats - part of what I do

 Trapping and altering homeless and feral cats - another part of what I do, Rainy, the first feral cat I trapped was a park cat.  He was neutered in 2011.
Taking them in to the vets in the case of emergencies - Baby, here,  had a bone lodged in her mouth and couldn't eat - other emergencies have included cat flu, and cats being hit by cars

I also look for homes for cats and ask that anyone willing to offer love, food, water, shelter and healthcare to one or more of these cats please contact me.  I can make a good match for you.

Little Lulu, pictured here, her sister Punky, and their Mom, Pegs, living at our local park,  need loving, responsible homing.

I was a self employed pet sitter in the US and moved to Cyprus in 2006.  After seeing the cats starving, being hit by cars,  and being poisoned here I could no longer stand back and do nothing. 

I am an artist who studied painting and fine art in college.  I am a Greek American, an Orthodox Christian.  I love animals.  I love God's creation.  I do what I do for the sake of truth. I do what I do for the sake of Jesus Christ, who is the only one who can restore this world and the correct relationships between all creatures. No culture, no nation, no philosophy, or abstract infinite power will ever precede the wisdom of Jesus Christ. 

I long to see the Orthodox Church stand up for animals.

Thank you for reading about me.  Thank you for visiting my blog. 

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