Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trapping Romper

Trapping Romper was one of the guiltiest experiences we have ever had.  Romper is joy, optimism,  and gentleness personified.  He means no one any harm and this seems to translate to the other cats at the park, because no one bothers to bother with him.  While the other cats are worrying or avoiding trouble with the more aggressive cats, Romper just zooms by.  His gift seems to be to inspire other cats to play and forget their differences.

The trap is ready for Romper

Romper is the brother of Strike and Bugsy Blackchin.  We have often wondered who their mother was and we are starting to lean toward Petey, now spayed, even though the litter settled at the top of the park, a bit away from where she spends most of her time.  They all used to come to the grotto as kittens last winter, along with Petey, and along with Baby and her kittens, and Cindy and her kittens.  Because Baby and Petey are both black and white, it was hard to tell the differences between all the black and white kittens accompanying them and to discern who belonged to whom.  If you are a birdwatcher, you'll understand; it's a little like identifying sparrows.


 You have heard of the Hapsburg chin?

The requisite Blackchin

Romper thought the trap was for play and immediately began to circle around it and try to play with it.  He eventually darted in, ate the food and romped out.  It was a game!  We put more food in but according to Romper it was now time to move on to another game, because he had been there and done that. 

Romper just went in the trap and casually ate the food

 Then he romped back out

Time for more play says Romper, while Blabby checks out the mackerel

I suggested to Nik that maybe we should put a toy in there. 

But he eventually did go back in, and he is the only cat ever who has continued to eat the food once he was trapped.  A first!  It was a while before Romper realized it wasn't a game and then he only looked hurt and dejected, and uttered the most pitiful little mew you ever heard.  It was like taking candy from a baby, and it felt cruel. 

Nik marvels at the only cat ever to continue eating after he is trapped

But after that it was a pitiful, "Mew"

I told Nik there was no reason to keep Romper in the trap all night long.  If we had had an extra bedroom that wasn't filled with cats, we could have released him in there and popped him in the carrier in the morning.  But we didn't.  So I insisted we put him in a larger carrier and make him comfortable, which with a couple of shakes we did.

So Romper overnighted in the shed, which at least kept him out of the rain for the night, and Nik took him this morning to Nicosia for our vets George and Christina to neuter.

The multi-purpose shed, filled with slipcovers and a cat

Romper was off to meet George and Christina this morning, you know, to spread his joy

He really is an adorable cat.  If you would like to adopt him please see our contact page.  It would be a shame for this bundle of good, positive energy to perish out at the park unprotected.  He is not feral, only shy and inexperienced with people; last night when he climbed his fortieth tree, I had no trouble reaching out to stroke him heartily.  If we weren't overcrowded here, we would bring him home in a minute and administer him like a drug.

The best to you Romper.  Godspeed.

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