Friday, July 6, 2012

The Cats Enjoying Their New Balcony Pet Enclosure

I am glad to report, the new balcony pet enclosure was a huge success when the doors were finally opened, and the cats are all thoroughly enjoying it!

The first one out was no surprise; it was Theo:

Brave dude, and our little Thiriou, Theo

Then came Bashers.  Now that was a surprise, considering how Bashful he used to be - he's come a long way!

Bashers, newly discerning inside from outside, mesa from exo

Then third came Fantasia:

Fantasia, a Turkish Van, is at heart an explorer and a climber

The first one to climb, however, was Bashers:

Bashers, full of surprises!

Secret was up for a new adventure; Krystallos, behind her, was a little more tentative:

Center is Miss Secret, and on her left, Krystallos

But Krystallos finally ventured out, too...

"Hmmmm....I don't know..."

And she soon made herself right at home :) :

"A-Okay, mom ;)."

As did Solo, who's been out there just about ever since!

We hardly see Solo anymore!  Solo, come back!!
It was a sweet sight when later that evening, I found Swatchee out there fast asleep:

Having sweet and safe dreams, our dear Swatchee

Our last holdouts were to be expected:


After 4 years on the streets, Bette Davis has had about enough of the outside

Flissy, our Mr. Jitters

 "I'll wait until no one else is out there."
Oh wait, he's not invited...because he gets to go outside anyway! and he might tear the whole thing down!

And Charity:

Charity took his time, "Don't worry, I'll get there, mom."

The cats totally love it and completely take it for granted now:

From bottom left clockwise: Swatchee, Krystallos, Miss Marbles, Solo, and, in the window, Cindy Lou Who

It's worked out great.  It's given us more space, so the cats can spread out, and Nik and I feel good about it.  A big thank you to Nik and Ron who worked so very hard on this because of their love for cats and animals.  Thank you guys so much for making this possible for them, and sweating out there in the hot Cyprus sun to make it happen. 

Our next project - actually we are already working on it - is to pet friendly the house, so we won't have to spend so much time cleaning, and we can spend more time with the cats.  We are selling whatever furniture we don't truly need to make more space, and replacing a few items with more suitable ones.  We have discovered plastic, wood, and tile are our best friends as far as cats go.  They are the easiest to clean and don't seem to collect pet hair.  Glass, not so good. 

It's nice to see progress. And it is nice to make the cats happy.  That's what it is all about, isn't it?  And making room for more!  :)  Wait, what!?

The cat enclosure at night

PS  You can find Part 1 - Building a Balcony Pet Enclosure here. 

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