Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Releasing Strike and a Peaceful Morning at the Park...Finally :)

Strike went through her surgery just fine, thank God, and we released her last night at the park, softly mewing, close to where we usually see her.  We first put a little mackerel in the carrier with her to make sure she ate a little something in case she was too distracted when we let her out.  She was happy to have a few bites (and drink all the juice, of course), and then she was ready:

So we opened the carrier door and let her out:

Nice and easy, Strike came out

She didn't run off, she stopped for a scratch and some reassurance:

It took her a while to orient herself

And then she ate nearly all her mackerel :)

We were happy to see her appetite so good

Then just as we were getting ready to leave, we heard the dreaded cat screams coming from inside the park, and sure enough when we ran up there we found a Tomcat we had never seen before attacking Bugsy, we think, in the hedges.  I ran toward the commotion and all I could see was the Tomcat.  He couldn't have cared less that I was thundering down the path toward him.  He waited until I was just two feet away from him to haul it and even then he just went on to the other side of the hedge.  I couldn't believe it! 

He was having another go from the other side!  He showed no signs of stopping, but it did give Bugsy a chance to run out from the hedge and head toward the park entrance, near where Nik, Strike, and I had been.  About this time Petey showed up, likely because of all the noise:

Bugsy in the hedge; Petey in front

We offered them the rest of Strike's mackerel
Once everyone had calmed down, it was time to leave, and it broke my heart to leave Strike sitting there by herself.

Strike alone in the night after her surgery

But I was happy to see her this morning and give her a sachet of kitten food and a little gourmet, which her brother Romper was happy to share:

Strike on left, her brother Romper on right, sharing gourmet

I got some video of Romper this morning.  It's the first time he's stood still long enough!  And I did finally establish he is a boy - I think. 

Anyway, thanks to our vets, George and Christina, and we wish the best for Strike.  Our prayers go out for her safety, well being, and happiness, and to the end that one of our readers will be inspired to offer this sweet, humble cat a safe and loving home.

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