Saturday, April 7, 2012

Other Toms, Dicks, and Harrys

We have two other elusive Tom Cats in our neighborhood besides Big Van, and we are itching to trap both of them them and alter them, too, because they cause a lot of trouble.  But they are entirely feral, which makes it hard, because when we see them in the yard, which is rarely, and we go out to offer them some choicer morsels, they scoot. 

Big Van, the neighborhood Tom that eluded our capture last weekend, has some rivals

Here's the first, Butch Cassidy, passing by our house last night, in the only photo we have of him:

Butch grabs a bite from the bowl by the door, and scoots off when he sees us

The other cats, Morris, Mandy, Sylvia and Amber, get upset when Butch shows up.

A closer view of Butch leaving;  Mandy is in her bed in the drawer behind him - Morris was nowhere to be found when we arrived, but came back after Butch left.

And here's Butch's partner in crime, The Sundance Kid:

Sundance can also be a menace, but he is not as bad as Butch
If you look closely at the above photo you can see that Sundance has been fighting recently.  Both of these Tom's, when we see them, carry a variety of new wounds and battle scars.

So the three Toms we have our eye on right now for trapping are Big Van, Butch, and Sundance.  Wish us luck tomorrow in our endeavor, please, because it will make life better for all the cats in the neighborhood.

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