Your donations will support the cats of our village.

At present I am grateful to be receiving some help with the cost of spaying and neutering the homeless and feral cats I assist.  I finance the feeding and veterinary care and emergencies of these cats myself, and do as much as I can with my income.  Right now I am paying down my veterinary bill. The more help I get the more cats I can alter. 

I use 4 to 5, 20 kilo bags of kibble weekly to feed the all cats.  I use 30-50 cans a week.

You can help by making cash donations and/or donating food, blankets (fleece), medicines, strongholds and frontlines, ear mite medicine, carriers, traps, large plastic food bowls, old dog houses or any potential shelter or carpentry skills toward that end, and/or assisting with veterinary bills and medicines, or best of all, by offering a loving home to a cat! 

Little Grey Poupon was a young female cat we fed.  She was hit by a car in 2011 and was pregnant at the time.  She was crossing the seafront road , most likely looking for a  place to have her kittens. 

It is my goal to establish a sanctuary for the cats I assist on the outskirts of our village, so that I no longer release them back onto the streets after spaying and neutering.  That means saving money for land.  I would also greatly appreciate any advice and/or previous experience with setting up and operating a sanctuary and a registered charity.  


Thank you so much for your help! 


A special thank you to those who have helped for your compassion, generosity, support, and caring.



  1. That picture of you with Tweeny is gorgeous!!

    I am very impressed with your husband, Nik, who seems to be working and still rushes about with you trying to help the cats in distress - he must never stop!!

  2. Thanks, Arjun, I will tell him you said that. He never stops! He works so hard for us and, yes, he works at his job very hard, too. He gets up early and visits five of the feeding stations before work and then walks our dog Muji at night when he gets home. He always makes sure we don't run out of supplies. He also has a long commute. He's been awesome in his commitment. He has told me working with the cats has changed his life for the better.

    I am glad you like the picture of Tweeny and me! Thank you. :) Those were some good times.