Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Emergency - Update 5 - Complications for Arsinoe

Arsinoe had a major setback yesterday.  She started to miscarry and so George and Christina performed an emergency operation to remove her kittens.   During the surgery, they  found a very threatening infection.  (They originally thought there was no infection, because she showed none of the  usual signs of one.) They now know fluid had been leaking into her abdomen, which is very serious. 

Arsenoe in serious condition after her emergency operation

She was pregnant with a litter of 7 kittens.

Christina, our vet, giving Arsenoe the love and affection she needs after her surgery

Arsinoe is eating, so that is good, very rich food which she needs, and she has a drip.  She is also getting an antibiotic for the infection.  She is in very serious condition.  We know you have come to care about her as much as we have.  Please, she needs your loving thoughts and prayers more than ever.  Thank you.

More pictures from the day after Arsinoe's operation.

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