Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Emergency, Update 4 - More Pictures

Here's our latest news on Arsinoe.  She has done her # 2.  Fantastic.  That is great news.  Her hip/hips are broken, but she is not suffering from internal bleeding. The nerves to the back legs are damaged, but there is a very strong possibility they will get better over time.  She is eating very heartily, and she has a long, strong meow.  And even when she is being treated and checked, she is always purring.  Her one eye is not dialating as it should, because there is swelling in her brain; and this is a result from a blow to the head when she was hit by the car. But the prognosis is that it will correct itself with the right anti-inflammatory drugs and lots of TLC. 

She is trying to walk every chance she gets.  She takes a few steps and loses her balance, and has to gather herself, but our vets George and Christina say there was a great improvement yesterday from the previous day.

Our vet, George, gives Arsinoe a tickle during her exam, which she thouroughly enjoys

She ate heartily yesterday, two cans of Hill's prescription, loaded with heavy duty flavor, nutrients, and calories! 

After her meal, Arsinoe licked her chops :)

Her booboo on her head is getting better.  There were wounds around her mouth, too, but those have rapidly closed up.

She is trying to walk

George, here, shows Nik how much fun Arsinoe is, and how much she enjoys attention.

Nik then experiences it for himself :)

As far as her pregnancy, because of her broken hip or  hips (we are not sure if it is both), a delivery would endanger her life.  She is not strong enough at this point for an operation to terminate her pregnancy, so George and Christina will wait until she is stronger.  We would not normally take this course of action, nor would George and Christina, but saving her life to us is absolutely paramount. 

Nik visited with her last night and he was completely taken in by her personality, which he says is fun loving, playful, and affectionate.  He says as soon as she hears your voice she wants to come over and rub around your legs, and be a part of what's going on.  And that she has a very characteristic strong voice! 

Thank you for your loving concern and prayers, I believe they have helped her.  Please continue to keep her in your heart and prayers. 

Update 5

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