Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Emergency, Update 1

Nik and the injured cat have arrived in Nicosia and our vets George and Christina, who were kind enough to meet Nik at their clinic early (thank you, guys), have examined this kitty who Nik found crouched by the side of the road.  They say it is a pregnant female and that she has been hit by a car.  She will stay with them where they can look after her and see to her needs, and try to save her life, because she is in a very bad way.

She has been given a pain killer, rehydration and minerals, and anti-inflammatory medication.  She was scanned using ultrasound and she is pregnant.

Nik said that even with all the pain this cat was in, when he stroked her, she started purring. 

Between the time he found her and the time he went back to get a carrier for her, at least a dozen cars went by.  Nik was floored that with all the people who drove by her this morning, not one person stopped to help her. 

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