Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cobbles Returns for a Late Dinner

I was writing the curry post last night, and Nik was outside getting Muji ready for his walk, when Nik rushed in to report Cobbles was here. Then I rushed to get my camera, and also something delicious and nutritious for her to eat.

Cobbles just coming through the gate - our first spotting of her since she was released on Tuesday

Oh, we were soooooooo happy because we haven't seen her since releasing her on Tuesday, and we have been very concerned about her, what with her eye infection and recent surgery.

She was a little more jumpy than usual, and hissed at me, but she always does that.  Nik took Muji around the side so she would be more comfortable eating.

Cobbles settled in to eat some kibble and something more delicious

She settled in to eat a good dinner and that made us very happy.  We will be watching out for her again tonight.  Hopefully she will come again, and we can get a better look at her eye, because we couldn't see it last night, and we didn't want to scare her off by trying to get too close to her while she was comfortable eating.  We will keep you updated on Cobbles.  Please wish her well.   

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