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5 Cyprus Cats Have Been Offered a Foster Home Abroad - 2 Already Have Forever Homes Waiting For Them!

This is my latest fundraiser.  I have an opportunity to send 5 cats abroad to the UK for foster with a wonderful lady.  She has already found permanent homes for two of the cats. If I can raise enough funds I can do this by the end of August.  Please help.  Donate and share my fundraiser. YOu will feel so good you helped make this happen for these beautiful sweet cats!  Thank you!

I have recently updated this page and these cats stories  and will work on it some more to post the all new cats available for adoption very soon.  If you want to see more cats please visit my Facebook page, Altered Cats! Cyprus.  Thank you, x Anita

Adopt a Cat
Altered Cats! I will always welcome cats back if things do not work out in their new homes.

Arsinoe was hit by a car on the seafront road.  With love and medical attention she has made a great pet


 photo da5619f6-7239-44a6-a29e-e2c9b2faf34c_zpscf0a9b9e.jpg
Creamy came from the Park. Here he is arriving in his forever home in California in the USA!  I am happy to say he is loved and cherished in the way he deserves and has brought his family a world of happiness!  We love you Creamy!

Time is of the essence in these cats' lives!  Homes abroad are welcomed.

Or, if you could foster home one of these cats, please contact me.



Update: I am sad to report Slipper disappeared from my house before anyone adopted him.  Foul play is suspected and has been reported to the police along with the disappearance of 10 other cats.  It is very sad because he was one of the sweetest most trusting cats I have ever known.

Mrs. Beans

Update: I am sad to report Romper disappeared from the park along with his brother Bugsy before anyone adopted him.

Update: I am sad to report Moonpie disappeared from the park.  My hope is that someone took him home with them, as I saw him with a flea collar on shortly before he disappeared.  I hope you are alive and well somewhere and being cherished, Moonpie.  Thank you for all our time together.

Agamemnon "Aggie"

Strike comes from the park and just recently had and lost her kittens.  I spayed her after that and was broken hearted to have to take her back to the park.  She is a very petite, friendly, sweet cat who is superb company.  She is supremely lovable.  She is about 2 years old.

 You can find video of Strike here and here.
Tweets is as sweet as she can be.  She comes from Sammy's.  She is a petite, pretty, cheerful and affectionate young cat, about a year and a half old.  She has recently had kittens, at least one of whom I caught my first glimpse of last week - a very cute brown tabby.  She has not been spayed yet.  Tweets has a sunny, loving disposition.  She was fed by vacationers and left behind.  The above photo was taken when she was pregnant.  You can read more about her here. Meet Tweets in video here.               
*Update - Sadly, tweets was killed by a car on the seafront road on May 1, 2012 - she left behind her orphaned kittens, Twigs, Twiddles, and Glitter.

Tweets, just before she was killed, here guarding her kittens from a nearby dog
*See my posts on losing Tweets, here, and here.  God Bless You, Tweets.  RIP.



Surprise comes from the maisonettes and has recently had kittens.  She is friendly, cute, confident and loves to play.  She is a dominant cat and will probably boss you around.   She is happy natured and will make a great pet. See a video about Surprise here.

Update: I haven't seen Surprise in a long time.


Amber is about 3 years old and spayed.  She likes to cuddle with you, sit next to you or in your lap.  Friendly and sensitive, she loves to be petted.   She would love to live in your loving house and be away from all the other cats. Amber has been left behind by vacationers many times.  Read more about Amber here and here.

Update: I am sad to report Amber is one of the 11 cats who has gone missing from my house over the last two years. I muss her very much.


Mandy is a small young female, sensitive, and very loyal and devoted.   Mandy's ear was damaged when she was a kitten.  She is very special.  You will need to give her time to get to know and trust you.  Mandy has been spayed.  Read more about Mandy here and see a video.

Update:  I am sad to report Mandy is one of the 11 cats who has gone missing from my house over the last two years. Foul play is suspected and has been reported to the police. It is heart breaking as she was so devoted.

Mandy with Morris, her bestest friend


Morris deserves the best character award.  He is a great cat!  He has been neutered.  He is about 1 and 1/2 years old.  It would be wonderful if you could adopt him with Mandy, because they are great friends.  He'd rather not be around any other male cats.

Update:  I am sad to report Morris is one of the 11 cats who has gone missing from my house over the last two years. No one ever offered him a home. The two cats below are gone now, much to my sadness.  Time is of the essence.

Morris and Mandy were great friends.  I am so sad they are gone.


Cindy is beautiful.  I think she is a Turkish Angora.  She is extremely intelligent and curious and  is approximately 3 years old.    She comes from the park and is one of the cats I have been feeding the longest.  She is very striking with huge green eyes.  She has longish hair but no undercoat.   You can read more about Cindy here.

Read more about Starlight here.
I need loving, caring, forever homes for her kittens, too:

Starlight's little stars - Astro, Cosmos, Starlet, and Galaxy need loving homes, too.
Update: After a long struggle, little Starlet passed away from cat flu.  Sadly Galaxy is one of the 11 cats who has gone missing from my house over the last two years.  Foul play is suspected, as many of the cats have been found to have been shot with pellet guns.


I thank you for your interest and caring.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I can make you a good match. I will always welcome back any cat that doesn't work out for you.  I love each and every one of them with all my heart.


Five of the cats I know and feed have been killed by cars on the seafront road since I started this blog, along with countless others I don't know.  Please consider that time is of the essence in these cats' lives.  Thank you!

I welcome homes abroad.  I welcome any help sharing these cats pictures for their adoption.  I prefer indoor homes.

Thank you!


  1. What an incredible family of gorgeous kitties! Here in SPain nobody seems to want to adopt a cat ... we saved a Mum with three babies in 2011 - she had been atacked by another cat - or dog - and had a huge wound in her neck .. the babies' eyes were shut with infections ... we medicated them all, got them well, advertised...


    Finally we took the little family to a sanctuary called Triple A who don't put down healthy animals.

    It was sad. WE had kept them on our tiny terrace for 2.5 months and our neighbour helped out too. But he kept going away to England!

    The smallest and weakest was Scraggs. He clung to Jane with his little paws and hugged her chest. He climed up and sat on her shoulder.

    But Mimi has never lived with any other cats. She can't tolerate them. She is terrified of them. We tried to get her used to Scraggs but I think Mimi would have killed him and we couldn't risk it so we gave him up. I can't explain how sad Jane was about it. Still is, I guess.

    1. You are lucky you have a shelter there that does not euthanize. Aww, Scraggs is such a cute name. Jane must have been heartbroken to give the little guy up. It was so good of you both and your neighbor to care for this family and take care of their injuries and illness. I understand how Mimi feels, and how her reactions put you off adopting any more cats. It has been my experience here that they do finally adjust to another cat, but it takes a lot longer than most people think or are willing to wait or realize. They give up hope because they think it will never happen. But then one day, poof, it happens. They are sleeping together on the couch and licking eachother, and you can't believe your eyes. THis can take up to a year with adult cats. I look at it this way, the world is in a fallen state and everything is topsy turvy. But the original design was for us all to get along. So I figure if there is a road away from the perfect garden in which we were created to live, then there must be the same road back, albeit overgrown with weeds and blocked with many obstacles. It's with this faith in creation's true nature, not our fallen one, that I bring new cats into the home to live as one family. If we believe it is possible, then we will pursue it. If we don't, then we won't. Faith is everything in bringing a new animal into your environment. You have to believe in the invisible reality behind the veil and keep pursuing it no matter the evidence to the contrary. It's our failure and not theirs if this does not happen. It's like this, like the world is a machine designed for a certain purpose, and we have perverted it, so since we know it was designed to do something good, it is not unreasonable to expect the machine to do what it was promised it could do! It is a challenge though, and filled with trials, no doubt! But what else are we to do with our time but make our way back to the garden?