Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mustafa - a Secret Life?

I am trying to catch up on all that has happened - but things keep happening!  So I am a little behind.  I wanted to note that I was very surprised to see Mustafa last week showing up for a meal at the park.  Nik usually sees and feeds him early every morning at the apartments. 
Mustafa, center, at the apartments, Braveheart on right

I know of only one other time that I thought I saw him at the park, I wasn't ever sure, and that was when I was passing the park once while walking our dog, Muji:

I think this was Mustafa in the tree, in the upper left

It has been a while since I have seen him, even the night we trapped him for altering, and the night we released him, I didn't get a good gander, because it was dark and we had work on our minds:

 The night we trapped Mustafa, I can't see, can you?
But the point is, he has grown a lot, and he is really cute.  He use to play as a kitten with his brother Lionel, who looked just like him, only he was a pale, solid, apricot color, but with the same longish fur as Mustafa, but, who, unlike Mustafa, wasn't hand shy at all, but super friendly.  Then one day Lionel just disappeared. Because Lionel was friendly, we hope someone picked him up to take him home as a pet.  Until we have other evidence, we always hope for the best.  We named him Lionel because he looked like a tiny lion.

Both Lionel and Mustafa were littermates and Starlight's kittens.  You may remember we brought Starlight, the Kitten Express,  home with us to have her last litter of kittens, and I do mean last, and she is up there now with those cuties in the Master Bedroom.  They opened their eyes last week or the week before, I can't remember, but they haven't exited the cupboard yet.  Soon I will get you some pictures, but I have tried to give them their privacy for the time being. 

Starlight at our house now.  She is Mustafa's mom.

Starlight's present litter just a couple of weeks ago - it's a black and white extravaganza

But this is the way I remember Mustafa last:

Mustafa, some time ago, at the apartments; the little guy I remember

And this is Mustafa now, at the park last week:

Handsome Mustafa, visiting at the park, growing up

Cute, isn't he?  He's got a really long, elegant nose.  He looked very amused by all the shindigs and the buffet, and was very playful.  I just can't figure out why he came.  It is possible he followed Baby down, who also came that morning,

 Baby, after her meal, making her trek back to the apartments.  Maybe he followed her down?

but who knows?  Maybe Mustafa has a secret life I know nothing about.  :)

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