Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our House, is a Very Very Very Fine House

Come on in!
I thought it was about time we introduced you to the cats living inside our house.  This morning it was full of activity, particularly on the kitchen counter.  Generally anywhere we go where there is a surface, there are cats.  I haven't been to the bathroom alone in a year and a half. 

From left, Solo, Charity, and Bashful - oh yeah, and that's Muji in the forground :)

Here, where there should be a dining table, there are cats - from left Fantasia, Felicity, and Miss Marbles

 When making dinner in this house; you'll have a lot of help

This is Bashful, aka Bashers - Hello Bashers!

 We interrupt this program for a service announcement: Solo wants to say hello.  Hello Solo!
Charity is a Turkish Van.  He can't see with his eyes, but he lets us know what he wants with his paws and his very cute voice, and he wants to say hello, too.  Hello Charity!
So who all's in the background?

This is Fantasia.  She's a Turkish Van like Charity.  Hello Fantasia!  And who's behind her?

 This is Miss Marbles, too bad you can't see her gorgeous green eyes, but she's busy right now.  Hi Marbles!

Here we have Felicity Greyscale, better known as Flissy.  Flissy likes to talk.  Hi Flissy!

And here's Theo, who looks like he stepped out of a Picasso painting.  Hi Theo!

This is Rufus, our eldest, but he's resting right now on Muji's bed.  Hi Rufus!

And now we're upstairs, and here's Minnow, Theo's sister.  Hello Minnow!

And here's Minnow and Theo's mom, Bette Davis. - named thusly because she has a little vinnegar in her personality.  Hi Bette!

And this is Secret on my dresser.  She has a secret, which I can't tell you.  Hi Secret!

Here is Cindy, from the park.  She and Solo have a lot in common.  They are CURIOUS!!  Hi Cindy!

Now, let's see.  Is there anyone we left out?  Oh yeah, our quiet never do anything wrong kitties. 

Swatchee was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him.  Hi Swatchee!  Swatchee is on our welcoming comittee.

And dear little Krystallos in her bobby socks :).  Krystallos loves everyone.  Hi Krystallos!

And don't forget Muji.  We have a dog, too, and he could use some moral support.  Hi Muji!

Yep, that's it. 14 cats and one dog. 

 "Holy smokes!"

You want to play Where's Waldo again?  I love that game.  OK, how many cats and dogs do you see in this picture?

7 cats, 1 dog :)

Thanks for stopping in!  This was just a meet and greet.  We'll get to know everybody better later on.  It's a very fine house. We live with some very fine friends and we like it very much.

PS  Nik pointed out that there are actually 4 dogs in the picture, if you count the 3 in the painting behind the television.  Very clever Nik, see, that is why I married him!


  1. What a wonderful collection of cats! We'd need a big place to have more than one as our Mimi just can't cope with anybody else...

  2. Thanks! We definitely need a bigger place! It can be tricky to bring new cats in. It takes a long time when they are adults to adjust to eachother. It's much easier if you raise them together as young'ins - then they are like super pals for life.