Saturday, March 24, 2012


We had an unexpected showing at the park Friday night.  The dinner roster included Strike, Blabby, Greyboy, Gunther, Starlight, Zsa Zsa, Moonpie, Petey, and a mystery guest that has us very puzzled:  a young male black cat that looks exactly like Gunther and a lot like Blabby.

the matrix

Blabby and Gunther are pretty easy to tell apart - despite them both having one eye that crosses a bit - Blabby being rounder, and Gunther being more angular, but this new, third black cat had me wondering if it was indeed Gunther we neutered last Monday,  or his mystery doppleganger.

like looking in the mirror

3 black cats? Really?

But once the black cat with the shaved behind jumped up on the table to eat, I knew it was indeed Gunther, because that is his trademark - not a shaved behind, that is not his trademark, but jumping up on the table.

If a black cat is on the table, you know it is Gunther

But that still leaves us with the question of who this cat is. 

Who are you?

There have been 3 other black cats over the winter months, all female, who came to eat from time to time, one of whom we adopted and named Secret, a second we named Braveheart, and a third who is older and more mature, and we have rarely seen her.  But this guy?  We don't know, so now he's our Mystery.   

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