Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Emergency, Update 2

I don't mean to leave you hanging, Nik and I are both exhausted - the kittens have left the cupboard, and wow, what a difference that makes as far as actually feeling there are 19 cats in the house now - not 15 + 4, which is how I was thinking about it before. 

There's a lot going on. The park has taken a lot of my time.  Operations have gotten pretty complex down there and I am longing for the easier days of winter. 

So - as far as the injured kitty goes, so far so good.  She is still with George and Christina at their clinic in Nicosia.  She is trying to use her back legs, which is a good sign, meaning they could recover and she would not be paralyzed.  She has done her pee pees, another good sign.  Now we are waiting for her to do her #2.  Her belly has not swollen; this is another good sign, meaning less of a chance there was internal damage.  She has eaten something, yet another good sign.  They saw some improvement today over yesterday.

Nik went to see her on his lunchbreak today and got some pictures.  I'll get those to you later tonight.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you. 

They live such a tough life out there, it's mind boggling.  Just watching Starlight have her kittens - and seeing how long it all took for her to get them to the point they are at now, brought home to roost the complexity of what they are trying to achieve out there on the streets alone: finding food and water, avoiding fights, looking for safe cover, finding shelter from the rain, crossing dangerous roads, going through long pregnancies and having to raise their kittens, and often times, after all that, losing some if not all of them.

And yet we can walk by them, drive by them, hit them with our cars like they are not even there.  They are there alright, suffering.  Perhaps that is too much for us to handle?  Is that why we turn a blind eye?  Because we feel overwhelmed by their suffering?  Because we feel helpless? 

A hedgehog was hit by a car in front of our house last night.  I wondered if he was on his way to the foodbowl here, because they often come and eat next to the cats.  I felt terrible about it.  And it just reminds me that any day that could be Morris or Mandy, Sylvia or Amber, Jazzy or Cobbles, or Tweets, or any of the cats that live or eat outside our house.  Not to mention all the cats at the park, the apartments, and the maisonettes who are in the very same danger every day.  It mortifies me.

Do you think I should take all these cats to the shelter?  I am so torn about it.  What I would give to have acres and acres of land that I could build a huge fence around, where we could keep them safe.

But I guess that is what a shelter is, isn't it?  What do you think we should do?  Any thoughts?

Update 3

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