Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catching up with Starlight and Her Kittens

Well, they are growing up like kittens do. They all have their distinct personalities which they have had from the start. 
Each one has a completely different outlook on life

They have taken to sleeping on this cat play station.  I think they like being high up.  Everybody piles in.

Make room for me!

We think this one is a girl, but we are not sure.

Like a miniature Starlight
 Sometimes they pair off for sleep and play.

The one on the right is the smallest one.

They are eating kitten kibble now but still nurse occasionally.

It's about the sweetest thing you ever saw. 

Starlight is doing well, too.  I love to watch her play with them.  She is super patient as they play with her tail and legs and climb all over her.

Super patient mom, Starlight

If you would like to adopt one of Starlight's beautiful kittens, please see our contact page.

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