Saturday, May 12, 2012

Curry Night at Tony and Alma's - The Didgeridoo

It wasn't enough that Tony started Curry Night as both master chef and server at his and Alma's house in a jaunty bow tie, which delighted us to no end:

Meet the chef

Or that he set our mouths on happy fire with his Bombay potatoes.  No, he went and pulled the Didgeridoo off the wall after dessert.  Yes, he did.  And he had Nik play it:

Nik played the Didgeridoo

And he had me play it:

I was really bad
And he had all his guests play it:

Some were better than others - Ian, here, was pretty good

Tony thought he was at sea again here - Captain Rum

The best Didgeridoo player of all, Richard

And it is a testament to how much we all like Tony that we played it. 

He had us all in stitches

And then the humor got a little dicey

All this was going on while Alma was doing the dishes.  But when she came back she encouraged him to put it back on the wall. 

Alama looked relieved when Tony put the Didgeridoo away for the night :)

 But it was at this point that Tony almost took down the Boomerangs. 

And it was also at this point that I remembered I hadn't got any pictures of Alma and Tony's 24 cats.  So I scooted out into the courtyard to see whom I could find, and I got a swift picture of Tom (I think) running in to catch the last laughs of Curry Night, or, who knows, perhaps to play the Didgeridoo, too.

Tom and I both caught the tail end of something

Tom hurries in for last call

And pretty little Felicity came and joined the party.

Felicity got lots of pats and hugs

And she joined us for the group photo, because Felicity is people, too

And that is Felicity's pretty mom, Alma, in the white blouse. Alma loves cats as much as we do..

I told Tony he looked like a confederate soldier.

Tony thinks the U.S. is still one of the colonies.

It was a really good time, and a much needed break for Nik and me.  Good job on the curry, Tony.  Great fun we had, Alma, Nik is revving up for the next curry challenge! 

And I am really glad to finally know what a Didgeridoo is, because I thought it was some kind of Australian bird.

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