For adoptions, donations, or to see how you can help*, you can contact me through my Facebook page or leave a comment below.  I appreciate your input.  Thank you!

Sylvia, the first feral cat I made friends with.  She was spayed in May, 2011.

*Please note,  I am just one person, working in one village.  I am not a giant rescue group.  I am only one person trying to help the cats of my village.  I realize many of the Cyprus rescue groups say "no" when you call them for help with cats in need.  They say no to me, too, and it is disappointing, but they are overwhelmed, too.  I get a few donations.  It helps!  But it does not anywhere near cover what I spend on the cats, but that is OK, it is my joy and choice to do so.  What I suggest to you, if you want to help a cat, is that you first consider helping the cat yourself, and consider taking it into your own home.  If you want to be a Good Samaritan, this is the best thing you could do.  Please start doing work in your own village, and try to get locals involved.  Talk to your Muktar about setting aside land for a cat sanctuary and beginning a TNR program locally, that your whole village can be involved in.  Persuade them with love and respect it will solve many problems.  Gently educate them.  Speak to your local Papa for help.  Speak to local veterinarians.  If everyone does their part, we can make Cyprus a safe place for all of God's creatures.  


  1. Hi,

    I was looking at a comment you made on my artist website and decided to look at yours. I love your art and love that you are taking care of feral cats. Oddly enough I just put one up on my site that I took yesterday. We have a few feral cats near my home. My website is it has a link to the Fine Arts website.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless you!


  2. Hi Marji,

    I am so glad you contacted me. I connect with such nice people on FAA, so many animal lovers and generous souls, and it is good to know you are one of them. I remember your caladium well! I went by your gallery to have a look at your feral, oh, she's cute. A real grumper mugging for the camera. :D I hope you will take more pictures of your ferals and upload them to FAA. You are a fine photographer! Thank you for your blessing, I need those!!! May the good Lord bless you also for caring about these little ones. Thanks again for making contact and for your kind words about my work, Anita

    1. PS Stay in touch! I have added you to my watchlist so I can keep up with your work!

    2. Hi,I spent 10 days on Cyprus I arrived yesterday. I must still thinking about cats before Crystal springs beach hotel in Protaras. I fed them, I fondled them. It's very depressed don't know what is with them. Is it some possibility save them? I'm from Czech Republic.

    3. Hi Alena,

      That is about an hour away from me. It is too far for me to go feed them every day but I will put a post on facebook to see if someone lives close to the hotel. are you interested in adopting them and sending them to Czech Republic? how many cats are there? are they healthy? is the hotel nice to them? are they in danger?