Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank You Cats in Need Cyprus!

Murphy, a female from Sammy's just before release
I want to say a big thank you to Sue and Jayne of Cats In Need Cyprus, a registered Charity in the Isle of Man, who have pledged to pay for the alteration of 20 of the cats I care for. I am over the moon for their kind offer to help. Without Cats in Need I could not have done the work that I have done in the past. They donated my traps, and have aided me with bills over the last three years, not to mention been a shoulder to cry on and lean on and vent, as I have not many people to talk to here. 
Releasing Murphy
They help others besides me - there are many kind people here who once upon a time moved to Cyprus, some to retire in the sun, others hoping to have a better life, who never dreamed that one day they would be doing exactly what I am doing and exactly for the same reasons. They reached their limit of the suffering they could witness while standing idly by. What joy is there in the sun when others around you are suffering? I can tell you first hand it takes the wind right of your sails. I am a happier person now. I cannot relieve all the suffering but I sleep well at night knowing I am doing what I can. This is such rewarding work. 
Releasing Clinton
Sue and Jayne have both been visitors to Cyprus and
themselves were both moved by the plight of the abused, abandoned, sick, injured, homeless, ignored, and poisoned cats here, and that is why they started their charity. Sue and Jayne and Cats in Need Cyprus make a difference and make it possible for people like me to be in the fields and trenches doing what I do. 
Jayne came to visit me and meet the cats at the park and my house while she was in Cyprus recently.  Here she is showing me cat tapping on Scoopy Sox, with Cindy Lou Who at her knee, and Starlight in the background.
We are all necessary to make a change. So are all of you that come and see my pictures, who spread the word just by commenting, and give me your moral support as well as your kind donations, which for some of you I know takes food off your plate just so you can give to the cats here, and sleep better yourselves. There are those of you who write me privately and lend me your ear and encourage me, who keep my spirits up, who send me funny pictures. Those who cry with me when I lose a cat. Those who cheer with me when I finally trap one. There are the veterinarians who put up with me calling them at all ungodly hours and many times a day, who see me at my worst, who slip me medicines and offer me their services after hours. Thank you all. 
Petey watching me try to trap Wanda - no I haven't got her yet, doggone it!
I may not have a big crowd here but they are loyal and true and good people. Again I thank you all. Please I ask you to donate to Cat in Need Cyprus to help Sue and Jayne continue to help us. Please offer them a big thank you in the comments for visiting me while they were here, and for offering to help me and the cats I care for.

You can give to Cats in Need Cyprus at this address.
Thank you!
Pegs at the park
PS  You can keep up with my most recent altered cats, thanks to Sue, Jayne, and Cats in Need Cyprus kind donation, here on my Facebook page, Altered Cats Cyprus.

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