Monday, April 30, 2012

Strike is off to the Vet

There was no need to trap Strike this morning, because she is as tame as tame can be, so I just gently nudged her into the carrier and put her in the back of my car. 

Nik came by a short time later and picked her up.  She is off to Nicosia to be spayed today, all things considered. I have spent more and more time with her recently, often making a second trip up to the park to give her some high quality food to try and put some weight on her, and to bolster her immunity.

I had the most lovely afternoon at the park with her recently, when she filled herself on a sachet of kitten food, some mackerel (she loves the juice!), and a little gourmet.  I sensed she wanted company, so I stayed, and she curled up behind me like a spoon, hugging herself to my back while I looked out to sea.  I could not see her, just her outstretched paws reaching around to the front of my jacket, toes spread in relaxation and delight, and I could hear her soft purring.  How hard was it to leave her there?  Very.  I was pretty inspired by the memory so I drew a picture:

Strike and Me by the Sea

Here's a mini-vid from our morning:


Strike has been spayed and will be on her way back to our village soon with Nik.  Our vets George and Christina said she had very bad earmites, ringworm, intestinal parasites and bite marks on her neck from an overly aggressive male.

We will release her at the park tonight.  I really wish we could find a home for her.  I wish we could bring her here, but between Cindy and Bette, Theo and Minnow, Starlight and her four 2 week old kittens, and the other ten cats we have here inside alone, it is chaos, because they don't all get along, and at this point not really a good situation for any of them.

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