Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trapping Mystery

It has been so long since we have trapped a cat, and it has not been because we have not been trying! It's getting more and more like trying to find a needle in a haystack, because we are aiming for very specific cats, the easier cats having already been trapped and altered.  I am beginning to wonder if we will ever catch Big Van.  We have heard from other people trapping cats for spay/neuter that there are some cats you can never catch.

Nik spent the better part of the last two Sundays trying to trap Tomcats Big Van, Butch and Sundance over at Sammy's and had no luck at all.  This past Sunday, Morris took a walk over to Sammy's and jumped in Nik's car with him and kept him company while Nik watched the trap.

Morris makes himself at home in our cars

He even helps with the groceries
So this morning we were tickled pink to have trapped Mystery.  I was feeding cats at the park while Nik was feeding and trying to trap at the apartments, and he swung by the park on his way to Nicosia with Mystery in the back of his car, and we both felt a sense of relief.

Mystery after trapping

We released Mystery tonight at the apartments very carefully, to make sure he wouldn't go running in the street.

Mystery just before his release

Lifting the plexiglass door

A successful release

So, job well done, Nik, and let's say a prayer that Mystery fares well, and lives a long, safe, good life.

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