Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strike's Condition

I mentioned here that Strike's health has deteriorated since she gave birth.  Here are some pictures where you can compare her condition.
Strike before she gave birth
Strike now
And she has been showing up to eat very irregularly, so I am concerned about her. I haven't seen her kittens and I don't know if they survived.  It would be surprising if they did because she doesn't seem to have any milk and she is very thin.  But I am not a veterinarian, and I don't know. 

She is a very sweet and meek cat, completely friendly and tame, petite and not yet a year old.  We have her on our adoption page.  She could use love and shelter, even if it is a temporary foster home.

You can meet Strike in a video here and see how she was meeting me at my car this past winter here.

If you can help Strike or would like to assist in getting her off the streets until we can find her a home please see our contact page.

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