Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Fields - An Adventure with Muji

Muji and I had a little adventure the other day when Nik was at work.  We went off to take our usual morning walk through the fields, and took the camera along in case we saw any cats, but instead we saw a dog. 

Well, hello there

We've met this dog before. One day, driving through the fields, Nik and I saw him in the road.  We stopped to help, and found he was well cared for and had on a beautiful collar with detailed information.  We called the number to discover we were talking to the Cypriot farmer standing just feet in front of us who was on his cell phone, well, talking to us.  :)  The man thanked us and scooped up the chocolate dachshund in his arms, cradled him like a baby, and lovingly scolded him in a soft voice.  He told us he did not know what he would do without his dog!  Clearly he loves this dog. 

So this is the same dog who decided he would come on a walk with me and Muji. 

"I feel like a walk today."

He happily followed us in the big circle we make around the farms, and was just about to follow us home to the seafront road, which is dangerous, so it was time to stop and call Nik at work and have him call the farmer (who doesn't speak English) to pick up the dog.  I read Nik the phone number, and then the three of us sat down in Big Van's corner to wait for the farmer. 

"I wonder what's taking him so long."

"I wish I could stay a little longer."

Well, we waited a pretty long time.   Long enough to have another adventure, because Tweets showed up, and she has her kittens in the empty lot just across the street from where we were sitting. 

Tweets shows up

And just as the dachshund started to wander around and get a whiff of kitten behind the gate across the street, Tweets decided this was a definitely a problem.  So she lowered herself,  drew herself up like a big puff fish, and then charged him and tackled him.  The poor dog ran off screaming with his tail tucked between his legs, and then stopped  far enough away to have a good long think about whether to come back to wait with me and Muji. 

Tweets is just in front of the garbage bin, having completed her mission; the poor dog is just to left of the telephone pole running for his life

 All in a day's work

hightailing it, four off the floor
North Dakota wasn't far enough away

he had a good think about coming back

Finally we heard a loud humming sound getting louder and louder, which I realized was a small tractor.  Well, no wonder the farmer took so long!  He was driving a tractor!  And I looked over at Tweets and she was thinking about having a go at the tractor as well!!!

The farmer scooped up his naughty dog again, apologizing profusely.  I smiled and told him no problem, and he slowly drove off with the dog in his arms.

But a plus to the story, besides a fun morning, was that we had told this farmer last time we met we were looking for land to keep animals on, and being the animal lover he is, he was rather enthusiastic about it.  He told me on this day he had found something, and he would get the details for us.  So that's great news.  The more possibilities, the greater the chance it will happen.  And the more land for sale, the better the price.  I also have made friends with a man who cleans the seafront road down near the park and the apartments, and he has told us of a piece as well. 

You see, you miss a lot when you don't have a dog to walk. 

thanks for the memories


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