Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Black Cats!! Meet Lily of the Fields

Last night, after we released Mystery, we went to the fields, to our two feeding stations, to put out some food.  I am not sure how long exactly we have been leaving food out there, a few weeks?  But we have yet to come face to face with any of the cats we are feeding at those times.  Until last night, when we met her:

She's a pretty little black cat, obviously lactating, so it made us so happy to know she was finding our food and it was helping her.  She didn't run off when she saw us, and we happened to have a can of soft food in the car, so we gave some to her and she gladly ate it while allowing us to take pictures of her.

We've named her Lily and we were so  happy to see her.  Maybe now that she knows who we are, she will meet us there again soon.

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