Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fields - a New Feeding Station

We have been seeing cats in the fields behind our complex, very skinny cats, and so we have started leaving food back there. 

We recently spotted a cat at this corner...


and at this corner.

The area over which we have seen the cats is enormous, so it is hard to know exactly where to leave the food so it can be known by them, but it looks as though we have been successful, because this is what we have found: 

empty plates.

Either that or we are feeding the hedgehogs, which we have been known to do.  That's OK, they're cute, too.

We take the food along on our walks with Muji, and fill the plates, or we drive there at night after leaving the park and Sammy's.  If we can establish some sort of routine, then we may start to find the cats waiting by the food dishes for us to fill them, and then we can trap them.  It is tricky to remember where we left the plates, because the fields are so vast.  In this case we use this water pump as our landmark.

How's about another game of Where's Waldo?  Can you spot the cat in this next picture?

Here she is:

If you have ever been a bird watcher then you will understand; your eyes become very sensitive to what you are looking for.  After my father died, I moved back into his house until my family sold it, and in the months I was there I picked up his old hobby - I set up all his bird watching and feeding gear, and his old garden became a virtual London Heathrow International Airport of air traffic.  I had to duck when I walked out the back door.  But the point is, wherever I was during that period, whatever conversation I was involved in with whomever, and no matter how absorbed I was in my activity, I could spot a bird out of the corner of my eyes at a million feet.  That is how Nik and I have gotten with the cats in the fields.

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