Thursday, April 26, 2012

Following up with Gunther

Gunther, who we neutered last month, disappeared for a while from the park, and has just retuned this past week.  He is looking a little thin and I noticed he had a very nasty raw spot on his foot.

This morning I gave him some kitten food to try and build his strength up, which I will continue to do.  The sore area looked a little better this morning, but if it doesn't get much better we will have to trap him again and get him to the vet.

You can hear the exasperation in my voice in the following video.  It's because it makes us feel so helpless when the feral cats get ill or need medical attention because it's not like we can just pick them up and pop them in the car.  We either need to trap them again or find some other way, usually force, to get them in a carrier.  It's traumatic for them.  This is another good reason to develop a trusting relationship with the cats, so if they need help we can give it to them, or get it for them more easily.

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