Sunday, April 8, 2012

Strike Delivers, New Moms and Other News

It had been 12 days since we had seen Strike, when I first caught a glimpse of her, while walking our dog Muji past the park.  I was just sad I didn't have her special can of gourmet ready for her!  We were so relieved.  She is such a sweet cat, so gentle, and she is a first time mom, so when we didn't see her for so long we were concerned.  It was obvious from her appearance she had delivered her kittens.

I was so happy to see Strike's head peering out at me and Muji from the brush.
We were just sorry we didn't have her special can of gourmet on us

But the next night we found her in the same place and gave her her propers.

Strike gratefully gobbles up her first can in nearly two weeks; Blabby gets a bite, too.

And there are more new moms. Nik had seen a new cat up at the apartments whom he described to me, and we have named Trixie, and I caught my first glimpse of her down on the beach where she was blocking my and Muji's path.  She obviously has kittens nearby and is guarding them.  (The tallest buildings in the background are the apartments.)

Trixie from the apartments blocks our path to protect her young.
The message was clear:  Go around crackers.

We obliged, of course, and traversed and stumbled over the precarious pebbles by the sea. 

Here's a zoom shot, because I assure you, we did not get this close:
  Who is going to argue with a face like this???
Muji and I caught a glimpse of new mom Baby up at the apartments where she has been spending more and more time:
New mom, Baby, who has has been feeding up at the apartments lately, gives me and Muji a questioning glance

And new mom Tweets has been meeting us late in the evenings at Sammy's for some special sustenance; she has her kittens to feed, too:

New mom Tweets waits for us for a little extra something at night besides crunchies, and just as importantly, some atention
And so far the last new mom news is that we brought pregnant Starlight home with us from the park.  She has taken over the master bedroom and Bette has been set free to get to know our other house cats a little better.  Starlight, if you'll remember, was showing up for feedings with injuries from other cats, and we were concerned that she had been run off from the apartments.

Meanwhile, this week at the park there was a whole lot of pruning going on:

Tree prunings litter the park floor

At night we all had to blaze a trail through the new prunings to get to our feeding table
I do wish people would think about the fact that the birds are already nesting and do their prunings earlier in the year.

The trees were divested of their branches

Back at our house we had a new cat show up.  We are not sure if it is a male or female, but he/she is very shy and has a damaged front paw.

This photo was taken from my car when I drove up to the house and found him/her
I followed the kitty around back of the house to the shed and got this shot:
This new kitty is very shy

And some great news is Jazzy's mouth is healing and he is eating again.

Jazzy feeling better and eating

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