Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bugsy, Romper and Strike Blackchin - Littermates

It's taken us a while to put this family together, mostly because they haven't all shown their faces consistently, but it is pretty clear to us now they are littermates.  We should call them The Blackchins...

Strike Blackchin:

Bugsy Blackchin:

and Romper Blackchin:

Bugsy disappeared right after we neutered him.  He shot off across the street in what was a painful lesson for me and Nik on the proper way to release cats we have developed no relationship with.  We didn't know Bugsy at all when we trapped him.

And then suddenly he showed up again last week, and was totally engaging and saucy, like he had known me all his life.  Since then, he has not left my side at the park.  He's a bit impertinent and Petey has been teaching him a thing or two. 

Even Petey is alarmed at young Bugsy's boldness

 Petey makes Bugsy apologize

Romper is the smallest of the three littermates and only wants to play.  This cat is so cute you want to go crazy.  He/She got everyone playing in the sandbox the other morning and everyone forgot their differences. 

Playing in the sandbox: front to back, Romper, Greyboy, and Bugsy
Climbing trees - Greyboy and Blabby

 They forgot their differences and circled a hedgehog

Here is a little video of Bugsy, my new somewhat rude and vocal assistant, feeling full of zest this morning after his meal.

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