Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Perch

Yesterday we had a very eventful morning at the park.  Today we did, too.  But let's just start with yesterday because I am still recovering from that.

Somewhere between Nik stopping by with a trapped cat, which turned out to be a huge mistake, and I will get to that in another post, and what I thought might have been a fallen coconut that just missed my head, Moonpie decided to make a long overdue appearance at the park.
Remember Moonpie?

I was on my way out, up by the parking lot, stopping to give Strike a special meal because I am trying to beef her up:

Beefing up Strike with some kitten food

It was then as I was bent over under the tree that I heard a relatively loud thud as far as things falling from trees go.  I mean it didn't sound like a leaf, or a stick.  It sounded more like a large fruit, like a guava or a coconut, but I am pretty sure we do not have coconut trees here, and I am not sure about guavas, but I know at least we have neither at the park.  But I decided to finish what I was doing which was to help Strike eat, and then I would turn around to figure out what it was.  When I finally looked over, just below my feet lay a baby bird who wasn't even considering trying to fly yet.  What unfortunate luck for that baby bird that he fell right next to the cat's dish.  So I grabbed him and hustled over to a whole in the brush where I placed him, lest he become dessert. 

The tree the bird fell from

 The hole in the brush where I put the baby bird

It was just as I got back to Strike and her dish that I heard cat screams, loud ongoing desperate cat screams.  I got up and ran toward them to find Moonpie had Blabby trapped in the hedge and was terrorizing him.  I gave Moonpie a very hard stare and he turned and left.  Blabby remained in the hedge long enough for me to go get my camera and come back to get a picture of him:

Blabby staying undercover

I then went looking for Moonpie but I couldn't find him.  So I went again looking for Blabby and found he had left the hedges.  I went searching and I don't know what caused my eyes to look up but if they hadn't I would have missed him:

Blabby was atop the gazebo

Clever boy - this is when it pays to be the little guy

"What a clever boy," I thought.  "Good boy," I told him.

Today we had a lot of cats down at the table at the lower park, so I guess that is why Greyboy, Blabby, and Gunther never came down.  But as I was on my way up to the car I found this: 

Blabby and Greyboy atop the gazebo

I guess one bird lost his perch and two cats found theirs.

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