Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes at the Park

I mentioned before that there are many changes going on at the park in preparation for the summer concession to open.  The tourist season is upon us and the weekenders from Nicosia will be coming down to use their summer homes.  A new marina was completed last year putting our village on the map, so to speak, and the fun in the sun traffic in the area is growing. 

the new marina can be seen from the park

This naturally spills over to the park where a summer fortune is to be made supplying the visitors with Greek coffees, frappes, beer, and sandwiches.

Here in pictures is what is going on at the park now:

a workman started coming in the afternoons...(that was Tweeny on the far right)

he's been sweeping up a winter's worth of debris

the lawn before

the lawn after

a bulldozer has moved in the parking lot

I'm hoping it is not meant for this slope, because this is Strike's territory, and she is pregnant

I'm not sure what they are planning with these, but they were delivered to the parking lot

another view of the parking lot looking back toward the park

 We were there yesterday late afternoon to trap Gunther and it was all kind of noisy crazy.  There were people trimming trees with a chainsaw at a house next door,  a couple of teenagers on a four wheeler, fishermen, and kids on the swings and slides and jungle jims.  It was the worst possible timing to try and trap a cat.

we went to trap Gunther and got instead an earful

The coming weeks will show what their plans are, and how it is going to affect the cats.

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