Friday, March 9, 2012

After Hours

When Moonpie didn't show up for yesterday's feeding, I planned on calling out for him after all the other cats had eaten. But as soon as they were done, a couple of people walked up from the seaside to play volleyball, so I let it go, leaving well enough alone as the other cats had enjoyed a peaceful meal.  (Besides which, he knows where the dry kibble is, and can find it.)  More and more as the weather warms up, the park will come alive with people, and push us underground.

In the summer people might be playing volleyball on this field of sand

Right now it's just Greyboy's giant litterbox

When the concession reopens, and all manner of people are around, then we will have to be more wiley.  Unfortunately, many Cypriots don't like cats and treat them as pests.  So we end up sneaking around to feed them to avoid possible threat to the cats.

The concession has been closed all winter, the park, deserted
In the warmer months we feed the cats in the hours between 3AM and 5AM.  This sounds crazy, but when you understand how hot is here during these months, you realize it's nearly impossible to get anything done in the daytime anyway unless you are sitting in an air conditioned home or office.

Here are some pics from early last fall when the concession was still open, and we did our feeding in the wee hours of the night in the dark:

Gunther when he was still a kitten eating with his mom, Baby

Strike as a kitten, a real gentle spirit, she lives alone on the periphery of the park now, where she gets her own special meal

Tweeny in his kittendom, he was a classic from the start

So as more and more people start to enjoy the better weather outdoors, it's time for us to start preparing for late nights and afternoon siestas.

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