Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carrying On

Nik and I were up before dawn, to get down to the park early. 

dawn at the park

We are in the midst of getting the cats accustomed to a new feeding schedule because the tourist season is upon us ( March 15 was the unofficial start). So our plan is to visit them twice a day until they understand to show up at a new time.  We started implementing our plan yesterday, which is why we were down at the park in the early morning when we discovered that Tweeny had been hit by a car during the night.

Now it is time to walk our dog Muji.  I am feeling sick about walking by the park.  We often saw Tweeny at the park when we walked by.  It's like he knew my walk, or maybe he just heard my voice, but he would start toward me and stop short when he saw Muji. 

If there was ever a cat that wanted a home and someone he could call his own, it was Tweeny.  Part of me thinks that is what he was looking for when he crossed the street.

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