Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to the Semi-Wild

I can't believe it's Thursday already!  As said yesterday, Jazzy and Moonpie made it through their surgeries safely on Monday, and we released them Monday night.  Our vets told us Jazzy weighed 5 kilos and Moonpie weighed 5 1/2. They were both healthy, but for Jazzy's eye which they say was the result of a cat fight. His vision is lost in it and they say it is permanent.

Backtrack to Monday night.  Nik arrived home in Larnaca from Nicosia with both kitties in the back of his car.

  Keeping the cages covered with towels helps keep the cats calm.
First we released Jazzy in back of the house. We were so wound up we forgot to get a picture of him exiting the carrier, but here he is immediately after.  He went straight up under his favorite garden chair and I took him a yummy reward for being such a trooper.

A little miffed, but not too miffed to enjoy some sardines

Getting his bearings, "Is this Kansas?"

Morris looks on, weighing up the threat of Jazzy against the taste of sardines
So that went better than we expected, considering we had caught Jazzy by hand, he was relatively generous.  Next we drove to the park to release Moonpie.  It's Moonpie here under the beachtowels.

Cindy checking it out

Slowly lifting the sliding plexiglass door

Moonpie is back on his turf, one small step for cat; one giant leap for the colony
And that was that.  Phew.  It's stressful for all involved.

PS Tuesday morning Jazzy came for breakfast looking fresher:

Jazzy pitched for a breakfast of champions
Mmm, gourmet for my troubles
Nearby were Mandy and Morris who gladly shared in the open can of gourmet
Rufus, our oldest cat, a huge Maine Coon, watches the other cats eating his gourmet from inside a very dusty window.

That afternoon at the park, Moonpie showed for his feeding right on schedule, which is a good sign, meaning he doesn't hate us. (Petey stayed away for days after her spaying.)  He was on his best behavior.

Wednesday, however, he behaved atrociously.  I think it may take a few days for his hormones to calm down.

Today, Thursday, he didn't show at all, which doesn't surprise me considering I had to chase him off rather gruffly yesterday after he attacked Tweeny repeatedly, and after he ran off Gunther, an intact young male, who we hadn't seen in a while.

First time we've seen Gunther in weeks
Even so, we are grateful to God they are both well, we are apparently forgiven, and we thank our vets, George and Christina, for a job well done, and, of course, we wish Jazzy and Moonpie the best, yes, even Moonpie, no matter how poopy he sometimes act.

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