Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heartbreak, Losing Tweeny

He wasn't yet a year old.  We found him in the road this morning, in front of the park parking lot.  He must have crossed the street.  He appeared to have been on his way back to the park.  From his position in the road, it looked like the car that hit him was heading toward Larnaca.  I don't know if they know they hit him.

The last time we saw him alive was yesterday at about 5:30 pm. He followed us up from the beach where we fed him and the others to where Strike stays, up by the parking lot. Before we left, we put out some kibble there since we can't leave it under the gazebo anymore. He was batting at Strike trying to push her away from it.

Two days before, the battery on my car went dead, so I had to walk to the park for the feeding. When I walked home, I tried to be clever, but Tweeny followed me anyway. All the way down to the apartments, crying behind me on the sidewalk. I ignored him so he wouldn't follow me any further. He finally disappeared. I don't know when.

Here are the last pictures we have of him alive.  They were was taken yesterday.

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