Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jazzy's Injury

I woke up today to find Jazzy has a new injury, he looks pitiful, and can't eat. Jazzy is a feral cat who you may remember we neutered just recently. He was always a visitor, but he has recently become an outdoor resident, keeping company with Mandy and Morris, and sleeping with Morris in my car.

I woke up to find Jazzy in trouble again, this time a mouth injury

But this morning I noticed his mouth is injured and I don't know what to do. I could try trapping him but he has always proved to be too clever for the trap.  He needs medical attention, particularly because he is not able to eat.  I can see that he wants to, but it must hurt, and so he stops just as he draws close to the food.  I tried milk, too, hoping something softer would help, but he couldn't lap that up either.

I feel so much for Jazzy, because he has already lost one eye to an eye infection, and he has had such a hard life.  It is hard to believe only last summer he was a fresh new kitten, and then grew into a gorgeous, spunky young cat, because now he looks so tired and beat up and old, and he is only about a year old. 

I saw the trouble starting with his eye, last summer, but we didn't have a trap at the time, and when we finally found someone (Paphiakos Animal Charity Shop in Larnaca - thank you!) who loaned us one, we could not catch him.  So we just helplessly sat back and watched the eye get worse and worse.  It makes you crazy when a feral cat is ill and you can't help them because they don't trust you.  So many cats needlessly die this way, of cat flu, and a whole host of injuries.

Jazzy lost an eye to an infection and we were unable to help him

The cats outdoors are so mean to eachother, it is saddening.  Once they are spayed and neutered they get along well, given a little time, and naturally become friends, but once a new cat shows up that is not spayed or neutered, and is over confident, the trouble starts.  Yesterday, Surprise was attacking Amber, attacking Mandy, and attacking Morris.  For all I know she did this to Jazzy.  And it is hard to believe because Surprise is the sweetest, most affectionate cat.  But there are male Toms around, too, who only show their face on rare occasions, and every time brave Jazzy meets the challenge.  So it could have been one of them, too, who hurt him. 

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