Monday, March 5, 2012


This is Amanda, we call her Mandy mostly.  Not Mandy Mostly, mostly is not her last name, we just call her Mandy mostly.  Some of our cats do have last names.  But not Mandy.  Not yet anyway.

One day about 3-4 weeks ago she just appeared outside our house with the other resident and wayfaring diners like she belonged here.  She wouldn't let me get too close, but she clearly expected something from me besides food.  I am not sure where she came from, but I have a theory. 

A few days before we first saw her, a brand new plastic double pet food bowl appeared just inside the gate of our driveway, filled with pet food, table scraps, and milk. 

The bowl was set just in front of the pipe on the right
My first worry was that someone might have put it there with poison meant for the cats.  Deliberate pet poisonings and feral cat poisoning happen here.  I called Nik at his work and he told me to bag up both bowl and food for testing.  We later had it tested and it was clean.

The bowl now in use, thanks!

Mandy was a regular a few days later.  It took me many more days before I put two and two together and realized someone must have dropped her off and left the food, and the reason I didn't see her was because she was scared and hiding for a few days.  Since we live in an area where many neighbors are weekenders or holidayers, there is this chance.

Mandy enjoying the first sunny day we've had in a while
Here is some video of Mandy with a little more information about her.  I apologize ahead of time for the rough start and my hands which are scary.

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