Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A new cat showed up outside our house Tuesday:

New kid on the block?

Where do they come from?  I don't know.  It's like they fall out of the sky.  You're feeding cats all over your neighborhood for months, years, you walk along the roads each day with your dog.  You know when someone has planted a new flower bed, if they are late to work, or if they have changed their curtains.  I once caught some kids breaking into somone's home and called the police.

And then, out of nowhere, comes a full grown cat you've never seen before.

There was a new cat down at the apartments Tuesday night, too.  A black and white one.  That seems to be the prevailing gene du jour down there.

And Monday night there was a new one at the maisonettes.

I suprised this new cat, I've named her Cobbles, at the main kibble bowl as I came around front from the back of our house.  She surprised me, too!  She completely freaked out and tried to scamper off but she was disoriented.  I spoke very sweetly to her and convinced her to stay.  I went in quickly to get her a bowl of milk just to keep her around until I could get something more substantial.  She ate that, too, and took off.

She drank the milk and ate the something more substantial

Hopefully she will come back around.  She could be pregnant.  You can tell she is a female because she is tri-color. 

So where do they come from?  Well, it has rained a lot here in Cyprus this past winter.  They say it is the most rain they have had in this country in 100 years.  Maybe it really is raining cats and dogs?

Mandy observes the new cat that apparently fell out of the sky

Hmmm...sure seems like it.

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