Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day in the Sun or Monday without Moonpie

We are grateful and happy to say Jazzy and Moonpie made it through their surgeries safely and we released them Monday night.  Before we post about that, we thought it would be fun to see how the park cats enjoyed their Monday without Moonpie.  Here's a panoramic view of the bacchanalia:

Not too shabby

Titian had it right



And this is what they looked like when they thought maybe it was just a dream:

Greyboy thinks he hears Moonpie

Petey thinks she hears Moonpie

Blabby thinks he hears Moonpie

That very night, however, the dream did have to end as we brought Moonpie back to the park in the dark, just a smidge altered.

Cindy looks on warily before Moonpie's release

PS This will be fun, we've got a little video of the park kitties enjoying their day in the sun without Moonpie.  Click on this next video of Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World and then click on the kitty video and you will have a little music to watch them luxuriate by. :)

Ahhhhh. We should all have a day off from the bully in our lives.

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