Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Altering Agamemnon - No Need for a Trap

Agememnon at the Park

It wasn't necessary to trap Agamemnon, one of the cats we feed at the top of the park, because we have made friends with him of late, and he has allowed me to get close to him and pet him.  Sometimes he joins Strike and me for her special meal (yes, :) we still do that) before I leave the park in the mornings, so I have gotten to know him that way.  So the easiest and least traumatic thing to do was to pop him in a carrier, which I did yesterday morning.  It took just a little shove.  He gave a small protest.

If Agamemnon looks familiar, it might be because he looks a lot like Bugsy:

Bugsy resembles Agamemnon - the same tall ears and soft shape
They both come from the same area of the park - so it is very possible there is some relation.  We think Aggie is older, so maybe he is Bugsy's Dad.

Agamemnon used to come to the park from across the street with his girlfriend, Angela ("Angie"), but we haven't seen Angie for a couple of weeks at least, and he has been coming alone.  Here is Agamemnon with his girl.

Agamemnon and Angela - an established couple

Funnily enough, the above picture was taken the same day Alma and Tony, also an established couple, got married, and exists in the same folder as this one from their wedding.  :) 

Tony and Alma pose similarly at their wedding

There is a similarity, yes? Alma and Tony would like that being the cat lovers they are, with more cats than even we have.  And 6 dogs.  And a horse.  And a donkey.  None of which we have.  Well, we have one dog,  our sweet Muji.  We love you, Muji. 

Angie recently had kittens, and though we did see her after that, she suddenly stopped coming. We hope she and her kittens are OK. Maybe the people across the street are feeding her.  Once she delivered her kittens, she revealed herself to be a tiny little female, and she is very young.  
Angie when she was pregnant - she's at least half the size now

So Nik drove Agamemnon up to Nicosia on his way to work yesterday morning to drop him off with George and Christina, our super vets (thank you, guys!), for altering.  Nik picked him up last night, and I released him in the middle of the night while Nik slept, when there would be the least amount of traffic and hopefully no one at the park.  We are concerned about Aggie because he crosses the street a lot, at the same corner where Tweeny was hit.  So in case he bolted, I wanted to be very careful there weren't a lot of cars.

Agamemnon at the vets

Our Super Vet, Christina, taking good care of Agamemnon after his alteration.  Thanks, Christina!

Aggie loves to eat.  If he were a person, he would be the portly chef at a five star restaurant or perhaps a New York Times food critic, I am sure, because he is a gourmet connossieur.  So we weren't surprised when George and Christina told us he weighed in at 4.6 kilos - about as much as Moonpie (5 kilo), and pretty large for a Cyprus cat.  And I wasn't at all surprised when he indulged in the mackerel treats I gave him before his release, even though he was still confined to the carrier - not a lot of cats will eat in a stressful situation like this.  But the gifted Chef Aggie did.

Sweet, but none too happy, Aggie, at our house, before he got his mackerel treats

I am glad I went in the middle of the night, because I was hoping to see Romper, and I did.  We haven't seen Romper in ages. Romper is a night owl and never sticks around for the sunrise, so you have to be a very early worm to catch this guy romping in the park.  (He is still so adorable - he was very affectionate, and, hello out there, cat lovers! we still very much are looking to find him a home!) 

 Sweet Greyboy was there, too:

Hello, Greyboy!

And Strike came over to check out who was in the car this time, and discovered it was the one she had to sometimes share her gourmet with:

"Oh, it's you again."

 Here she is in case you can't see her too well:

STRIKE - "Fancy some of my gourmet?"  AGGIE - "How many stars?"
I couldn't get a shot of Agamemnon exiting the carrier, because it was too dark.  But I can tell you at first he started to dart, and then he suddenly stopped, understanding where he was and seeing the other cats.  He hung out with us for a second or too, then swiftly went to a sandpile to relieve himself.   Then he crossed the street.  Sigh.  I wish he wouldn't do that.

We have just put Agamemnon up on the adoption page.  Please consider taking this wonderful and very handsome, gentle, and humorous cat into your home. He will make a lovely pet and addition to your family, and you will be saving a life, because he is not safe out here on the streets.  And if you cannot do this, please consider making a donation toward our dreamed of private animal sanctuary, because if we had the space and facilities, we would bring him home with us right now, along with Petey, Moonpie, Strike, Greyboy, Blabby and the rest of these loving creatures to live out their lives in sanctuary with us.

Agamemnon, Godspeed.  We pray a long, safe, happy life for you and the home you deserve. We love you, Aggie, :) thank you. 

Thank you, George, Christina, and Nik. 

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