Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Cats Are Waiting for A New Generation Of Better Human Beings - Artist Raul Gubert and His Cats

The Cats Are Waiting for a New Generation of Better Human Beings, by artist Raul Gubert,  copyright 2012

We are featuring some of artist's Raul Gubert's paintings today because we think they are deadly accurate.  From our experience we have come to understand that we do not have a cat problem in Cyprus. We have a people problem. We would say this is true the world over.  Every problem comes down to a people problem.

One thing we love about great Art is it keeps you honest.  A really great work gets under your skin and brings you face to face with your true self, the one sometimes you are running away from, or the one that has been lost as you go through the tedium of day to day living and forget what's important and become a kind of zombie.  When you are confronted with a truly great work of art,  you walk away from it different, changed, more in touch with your present self than you were before you viewed it.  If it is a truly great work, you will walk away from it more honest, but not always more happy.

That is the value of great art and that is why we build these little (or big) churches for it we call museums, because there is something sacred and religious about it - like the light of Christ reflects our true nature back to us, often making us want to run from ourselves, so does great art reflect back to us the current state of our souls.

Raul Gubert is an artist we met through FAA.  He is from Italy, but is currently residing in Ireland. We are proud to call him a friend.

Raul has the quality of work that stands out among the crowd and keeps us honest.  We believe one day we will see his work in museums.  Thank you for visiting our blog, Raul, thank you for caring about these cats you have never met, especially Zsa Zsa, and thank you for your encouragement.  Nik and I wish you much success. 

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