Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet "Mikey" Tyson

Remember this little guy?

"I used to bite"

Well, he has been living upstairs in the 2nd bedroom with Arsinoe and Tweets' kittens since the night he got back from the vets:

Arsinoe is in the little house with one of Tweets' two kittens, the other kitten is in front

Starlight and her kittens still live in the master bedroom, but we can open both bedroom doors now without concern, and they all can run around back and forth and have a very amusing kitten party.  When they need time out we just close the doors. 


Starlight with Sophie and Cosmo

Mikey Tyson, the once feral biter, is now as sweet, cute, lovable, (and sometimes loud), as can be. 




(and sometimes Loud)


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