Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Releasing Big Van

Big Van was neutered on Moday, and Nik picked him up from our super vets, George and Christina (thank you guys!), on Monday evening.

That's our Super Vet George with our Super Tom Cat Big Van on Monday night before my Super Husband Nik drove him home for release

We thought Big Van had lost a lot of weight since the winter, and so we weren't very surprised (however we are concerned!), that he weighed in at only 3.6 kilos.  We need to fatten this guy up, pronto!   

Big Van is too skinny, but hopefully he will be more interested in food now that he won't be so interested in female cats

We feel Big Van's lack of interest in food is one of the reasons he was so hard to trap. 

We released Big Van that Monday night in the back garden, where we have noticed he does a lot of his coming and going.  In this place he flattens himself like a cartoon cat and squeezes under the fence to our neighbor's garden.  He then squeezes back to ours when he wants some kibble, or, well,  to terrorize the other cats who come to our garden (hmmm...), so we figured near that fence would be a good place to let him go.

This is where Big Van likes to squeeze through

Here we are pulling the towel back that keeps the cats calm, to give him an idea of where he was before his release, and talking sweetly to him:

Pulling the towel back so he could orient himself and talking sweetly to him before his release

Sliding up the plexiglass door

He didn't immdiately exit, which sometimes happens, so we waited for him, but once we pulled the towel back completely, he took off so fast that we missed the picture!  Which also sometimes happens!  Drats!

But, that's OK,  I can still give you some idea of what it looked like ;)

That's right :)

May God bless you and keep you safe, Big Van.  We pray you live a long, safe, happy life, and that you make some good friends.  We know you miss Tweets.  We do, too.  If we ever have our sanctuary, we want you to be there with us.

Thank you, Nik!  Thank you, George and Christina!  Thank you, Big Van!  Phew!  He was a toughie!

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