Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Glitterati at Sammy's

These are some of the cats presently at Sammy's. They are real cuties.  I refer to them as The Glitterati, because they are such a sparkly array.

They were just kittens in the summer of 2012. I am not sure who their mother is, and if they are all from the same litter. In fact there is one that could be one of Tweet's kittens we missed.

Last summer we looked in the tall grass for Tweets' kittens, I told Nik I saw a grey kitten and a grey and white kitten (mostly white).  Nik thought I was hallucinating, and I began to think I had been, too, until I saw one day kittens matching that description hiding under Sammy's car.

Searching in the tall grass for Tweets' kittens at Sammy's last summer

And then one day a black and white kitten showed up at the feeding bowl.  And then another grey and white one, this time mostly grey.

He turned out to be the cat that I am now proud to all my friend, Mouse.  Hi Mouse!:

Mouse is adorable, cuddly, and fluffy and I am adding him to our adoption page.  He still has a few manners and social skills to learn, but he will come along.  They all do with patience. Mouse loves a belly rub and curls around your hand like a snail when you tickle him.  He doesn't like it when I leave and tries to stop me by attacking my ankles.  I have learned to wear my wellies around him even when it is not raining. 

Then there is Earl Grey:

Earl Grey
Earl is the most frightened of people, yet he is respectful enough not to have ever taken a swipe at me.  I cannot say that about some of the others.  Earl goes bonkers when I bring soft food and darts around everywhere in anticipation.

Then there is Glitter:

Glitter is a female and she is so pretty.  She is the one that I think may be one of Tweets' kittens that we missed, because she behaves so much like Tweets' two kittens we brought home and looks like them in the face.  All three are females and are so pretty.  They are so well mannered, civilized, and refined, I told Nik they remind me of characters out of a Jane Austen novel.  He said, "You mean like they are waiting for Mr. Darcy?"  And that is exactly it!

Tweets' two kittens we brought home, apparently "Waiting for Mr. Darcy"

Then there is Buster:


Buster comes close to me but I cannot put the food out fast enough for him so he takes swipes at my hand.  I am lucky that he does this with his claws retracted.  I appreciate it, because it is more than I can say for my friend Mouse, who always makes sure his claws are cocked when he swipes at my ankles. 

This next little girl showed up at Sammy's much later, at the end of summer/beginning of fall.  She was so much younger than the others and appeared to have no littermates and no mom, so I brought her home with us.  At first we called her Toni, then Prickles, but now we call her Innocence and she reminds me of a waxy little cactus flower.  She has the loudest mouth of all.  She looks like a Bobcat kitten with her short mouth and tall ears:


Then there is this older cat I call Murphy who could be the Mom of The Glitterati, I rarely see her though:

Murphy, Gitterarchal Matriarch?
She looks a little like Mouse, don't you think?

We have also spotted Big Van at Sammy's:

Big Van at Sammy's

Big Van has gotten fat. He looks cute this way!

We have also seen our old friends Jazzy and Sylvia there, and a few other cats we don't know so well, and this black cat who you never met, Luther, who every so often came to eat at our old house.  His paw was crushed, likely by a car:

We have seen Luther at Sammy's

Sammy's is just around the corner from our old house, and, as we hoped, many of the cats we used to feed at our old house have found the bowls at Sammy's.  Others who haven't have found the bowls at Sammy's have found the bowls at the Maisonettes, for instance, Cobbles, whose eye is doing much better by the way.  But one cat we have seen neither place is Hamlet

Here is another glimpse of The Glitterati at Sammy's:



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