Wednesday, February 27, 2013

King Comes Home

King came home last night. 

The first thing we had to do was take him out of the (vet's) carrier he came home in and transfer him to a larger carrier, where he will spend the next days. He has to be confined so he does not move around a lot and his hip can heal.

The carrier King came home in, with the larger one prepared for him behind

Nik gently lifted King out of the small carrier

And placed him in the larger one

King in the larger carrier with a fresh puppy pad
We brought him in through the window so we wouldn't have to carry him through the front door and by our dog, Muji, and all the cats.  We didn't want him getting excited or anymore scared than he likely was. 

We brought King in through the window to avoid a fuss
We placed him in the back room where the cats eat and play.  This room has a baby gate to protect the cats' food from Muji eating it all.  Because he would!

Here some of the cats checked out our new arrival. 

Left to right, Mikey, Cosmos, Pegs, Gini, and Minnow meet King

He ate last night, but didn't drink any water.  This morning he wouldn't have either and I was getting worried.  By the afternoon he began drinking a lot of water, a lot, and now this evening he is eating again. 

King drinking water earlier today

I am keeping the house very warm for him and I have put some hot water bottles in the carrier. He is very fragile.  His eye is still infected, and we will make our first attempt to put cream in it tonight.   He can't maneuver to eliminate, so this is a problem. 

Please send King your prayers.  He is fighting hard and needs all the help he can get.  Thank you.


  1. Just got back from four days in England owing to death in the family. Read about the latest with King. I'm so pleased your joint efforts are starting to pay off. Poor King, but on the other hand, lucky King that he has two angels to take him off the road and nurse him back to health.....

  2. Oh, I am sorry Arjun - not another one. You poor thing.

    You are sweet to comment, Arjun, thank you. King is starting to liven up. It's getting to be a little like being in a ring with a tiger.