Monday, February 4, 2013

Fluffy Spotting, A Good Meal and No Hard feelings

My car at the park late at night
I was at the park late last night, late last night, late enough for the police to pull up and ask me what the @$#% I was doing there. 

That is the second time the police have approached me wondering what the @$#% I was doing roaming around the village after hours.  I held up my lantern and my crunchies and told them I was bringing the cats some food.  Luckily enough they were nice about it both times.  In the summer people in our village stay up all ungodly hours because of the vacation season, yes, but mostly because of the heat.  The daylight hours are just too unbearable.  But in the winter, everyone disappears inside their houses at suppertime.  Also I drive really slowly, really slowly, slowly enough to drive the people behind me in Cyprus crazy, so this seems to arouse police suspicion in and of itself if I am out on the roads after dark.

But people should be glad I am out there because I have caught someone breaking into a house, and I have found evidence from a burglary, and called police both times.  So if you see someone out after dark in your neighborhood, they might be up to no good, or they might be animal lovers!  And they might catch a thief!


Anyway, I was happy to see Fluffy at the park and gave her a good meal.  She was pert and more confident than ever.  I have noticed this with cats we have trapped because of illness.  I wouldn't call it gratitude, but it is as though they look at you like they now have secret knowledge of you the other cats don't have, and it puts a little prance in their step, and makes them a little bolder toward you. 

I picked up Junior, one of Baby's offspring from the summer, for alteration while I was there.  I was able to lure him into a carrier with some soft Kit Kat.  Nik had already trapped two cats at our house yesterday evening so both traps were occupado.  Along with Giblet, a tiny little female we trapped at our local grocery upon request some time back and relocated to our house, all four cats were headed up to Nicosia this morning.

I picked up Junior

 Junior's Mom, Baby - he looks like her
 I am distressed to say that I think King is sick, and I am going to try and get him tonight.

King has lost a lot of weight since this picture and doesn't look well
But good on Fluffy for her recovery, her appetite, and her attitude. Well done little girl. 

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