Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hamlet is a cat that originates from over at the maisonettes.  Nik got this photo just before Hamlet  started showing up at our house.  He thought this might have been Mikey's Mom, but when I took a good look at the picture, I was pretty sure this was a Tomcat.  There is a possibility he is Mikey's Dad though.

Hamlet is from the maisonettes

 The maisonettes are circled in red

Could Hamlet be Mikey's Dad? 
For a Tomcat in the summer season, he was awfully nice to the other cats who come to our garden to eat, which is highly unusual.  When we coupled that with how poorly he looked, we started thinking he might be sick.

Our friend Ron, who helped us build our balcony pet enclosure, told us about a friendly Tomcat he and his wife Ann named Tiger, who started coming to his house and was very sick.  When he got Tiger to the vet, they found he had feline pneumonia.  From the way Ron described Tiger's symptoms to us, they sound a lot like Hamlet's.

Hamlet is quite ill
We are going to try and trap Hamlet so we can get him to a vet and get him some medicine.  He is eating (he loves full fat yogurt), but it is a struggle for him because of his labored breathing, and he is awfully thin.  We are concerned about him, because feline pneumonia is a life threatening disease that can progress quickly.  We had hoped to trap him this morning but he didn't show up, so we will try again tonight. 

Please keep Hamlet in your prayers.  He is terrified of us, quite ill, and probably quite young.

Thank you. 

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