Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Urgent Home Needed for Pegs, Punky, and Lulu

I found Pegs and her kittens under this tree where I regularly place some kibble and water.

One of the  regular feeding stations at the park

Pegs appeared here first

Then one kitten

 then another

I thought I was seeing only one kitten because I could not tell them apart.

Until I saw the two together, and they looked like tabby twins.

Tabby twins

They also looked just like their Mom, only miniature versions:

Pegs - it's just like Mom spit them out of her mouth

Then early one morning running in formation behind the tree, I saw against the rising sun, the silhouette of three identical tiny tabby kittens.

Sadly, that was the last time I ever saw three.

I had to learn to tell the two remaining kittens apart.

 One had front paw markings just like her Mom.  I called her Punky.

The other had the same front paw markings only her Pinky toe was dark.  I called her Lulu.

Mom, Pegs

Kitten, Punky, toe markings like Mom

Kitten, Lulu - one dark pinky toe

 Punky, right, and Lulu, left
Pegs is a young Mom.  And she's kind of a swinging Mom.  She's sporty and handsome like a Ralph Lauren girl.  But her mothering techniques leave me a little baffled. 
She plays with her kittens like they are toys, and I often see Punky and Lulu cringe when they see Mom coming in for a tackle.  I can't say I have ever seen her defend them from the other big cats, but that doesn't mean she hasn't.  On the other hand she has had plenty of opportunity while I have been there and I have had to step in to do it.   She also weaned them early, which might not have been a choice, and might have been why she took them to the food bowl under the tree, which was good of her.
However I will always think of her as a Kate Hudson type young hip Mom.  She is not like Starlight or Baby at all in her method.
I would desperately like to find a home for these three, as I see Pegs crossing the seafront road.   I have seen the kittens dangerously close to the road and I am not sure they haven't already crossed it also. 
Pegs is people friendly, affectionate, and confident.  Punky is open, trusting and outgoing compared to her sister Lulu who is a little more circumspect.  Punky has an innocent essence, and Lulu a wise one. They both reflect traits of their Mom.
Won't you please consider my invitation to give this family a home?  One, two or all three?  They would be so grateful.  And it would be such a tragedy to find them in the road.  I worry every day.  I have thought about bringing them here but I am concerned because we have overcrowding.  We really need loving responsible homes for our cats desperately. 
Following Mom

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.
***UPDATE*** 2/01/13  See a video of Lulu starting to play here.
***UPDATE***1/30/13  To find out how Lulu is doing since she got back from the vet, go here.
***UPDATE*** 1/23/13  The latest update is here.
***UPDATE*** 1/12/13  An update on Lulu is here.
***UPDATE*** 1/11/13  Mystery solved.  Pegs is in heat.  It's cold and wet and rainy tonight and Lulu looks terrible.  She has lost so much weight, won't eat, and is wheezing.  I have picked her up and brought her home.  She is in front of the heater now and Nik is going to come and pick her up and take her up to our vets in Nicosia, George and Christina.  I think Punky will be OK because Sweet Corn, a young female at the park we just altered, has taken to looking after her. I hope so.  I will check in on Punky tomorrow. 
***UPDATE***1/10/13  Pegs was there last night to eat.  She looked jumpy and she took off soon after, leaving the kittens, but I am greatly relieved she is OK and that they are not following her.  
***UPDATE*** 1/08/13  Pegs has vanished.  I haven't seen her in three days.  She has been there every day since I first saw her so I am very worried.  I hope she was not hit by a car.  The two kittens remain.  Punky is still looking fat and and in good spirits, but Lulu has lost weight and is looking poorly.  She looked very cold last night.

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