Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Sad and Shocking Find in the Grotto at the Park

Yesterday afternoon, I had a shock when I went down into the grotto at the park to fill the bowls.  There was a grey cat I had never seen before laying still beside the water bowl.  He had his back up against the bowl as if he were spooning backwards.  Something wasn't right.  He didn't run, he didn't move, he was barely breathing and his eyes were open.  I could smell the terrible diarrhea and see that his entire backside was soaked with it. 

The area of the park we call the grotto 

His body was stiff and cold.  He couldn't move.  I wondered if he was paralyzed, if he had been hit by a car.  But then how did he make it to the water bowl?

I went and got a carrier and carefully placed him in it, and took him home to get a hot water bottle to place beneath him.  I covered him and put him in front of the gas heater to keep him warm.

Nik came straight home from work and he took him to emergency and the little cat is still there now.  The doctors said he was a male altered cat, about 1 year to 1 1/2 years old.  They said he was terribly dehydrated and in shock. 

The vets put him on a drip and inside a heated cage.  They said it was a bad virus and he would be fortunate if he made it through the night. 


We are both baffled as to where this cat came from.  Who altered him?  What is his story?  Is someone missing him?  Will he make it?

Please send him your love, your prayers, and your positive thoughts. 

Thank you. 

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