Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Lulu Got Her Meow Back

Lulu is sounding a lot better.  She's got her meow back.  When she came home from the vet, she sounded like a locust or a cicada , or what the Greeks here call a tsitsiraki (τσιτσιρακη).

Lulu is meowing again and no longer sounds like a locust

She is still breathing with labor, is still very thin, and feels very fragile, but her appetite is better.

She has been getting special meals of Carrefour pate, several small ones a day, which she loves, by herself in the bathroom (no other cats!).  And I have been spending time just sitting with her, which I think is really important, and sleeping with her at night.  Also, she has the space heater aimed her way and all to herself.  It's been very important to keep her warm because she is so thin. 

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